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Understanding the Stressors in our Youths Lives

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Stress is a big problem for young people in Singapore, and there are a few reasons why. By being able to identify stressors, we can be better equipped to provide intervention to our kids when necessary.

1) Academic Pressures

One big factor we are familiar with is school – Our education system is tough, and kids can feel a lot of pressure to do well. We are conditioned to feel like big exams such as the PSLE and O-levels can make or break our future. This puts a lot of mental stress on the youths.

2) Relationship Pressures

Romantic relationships, friendships, and family relationships can all be sources of stress for young people. Relationship issues such as conflict, breakups, and family problems can be emotionally taxing.

Another thing that can cause stress is feeling like you need to fit in with everyone else. This is especially so with the proliferation of social media. Youths can be lead to believe that everyone else has the perfect life except themselves. Such a distorted view of reality may cause low self-confidence which may lead to stress.

3) Difficulty with Time Management

Keeping up with all the activities in life can also be stressful. Between school, sports, and other activities, youths may not have enough time to relieve stress. And when you're expected to do everything well, it can be easy to get burned out.

4) Mental health Stigma

To make things worse, despite increasing awareness about mental health, there is still a stigma attached to seeking help for mental health issues in Singapore, which can make it difficult for young people to access the support they need.

Overall, there are a lot of things that can cause stress for young people in Singapore. By recognizing the key stressors in our youths’ lives we can initiate timely interventions with them and provide them with resources to help manage stress and take care of mental health.

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All the Best to you on your parenting journey!

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