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Strategies to deal with Cyberbullying

As we all know, social media has become a popular platform for young people to connect and share their daily experiences. However, this increased time spent on Social media has also made cyberbullying a prevalent issue among youths today. As parents, it is crucial for us to be aware of the dangers of cyberbullying and take necessary steps to protect our children.

1) People online can be mean just because they can.

To protect our children from cyberbullying, it's crucial to teach them that anonymity on social media can lead some people to behave aggressively and rudely. We should teach them how to differentiate between genuine opinions and those of individuals who are only seeking to provoke and upset others.

2) Open and honest conversations about cyberbullying

We should create an environment where our children feel comfortable discussing their online experiences with us. We should encourage them to be open and honest with us, and in return, we should be open and honest with them about the potential risks and dangers of the internet.

3) Only communicate with people you know

Next, we should make sure that our child interacts and chats with people on social media that they know in real life. It's easy for teenagers to make friends with strangers online, but this could put them at risk of cyberbullying.

4) Take control of your online experience

We should teach our kids how to block, delete, or report anyone who is upsetting them online. This will give them the power to take control of their online experience and eliminate the risk of cyberbullying.

5) Develop strong Self-Esteem is key

On the long term, the most effective deterrent towards cyberbullying is to inculcate self-confidence in our youths. With a strong sense of self-worth, our youths are less likely to be affected by unwarranted criticisms on social media.

In conclusion, as parents, it's our responsibility to protect our children from cyberbullying. By implementing the above steps, we can help ensure their online safety and prevent them from negative mental effects from using Social Media.

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All the Best to you on your parenting journey!

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