Who Says Learning has to be Boring

Genie is a tuition centre that specializes in making Primary-JC level Mathematics and Science very interesting.


ABOUT our Formula

Hi, this is Michelle and I am the founder of Genie. Growing up, I was not the brightest student of the lot. I always found difficulty applying the numerous formulas that I have memorized to only end up not being able to apply them. That is why I truly understand how it feels when my students tell me that they feel "lost". My solution: Visualization. Once you are able to visualize math and science concepts, formulas become understandable. And when you understand, you can start having fun. 


Samantha Parco, 16

Great tuition center and the teacher’s teaching methods are very meticulous and easy to understand! She helped me to bring my A math and physics from f9 and c6 to distinctions in my O’s!!


Nasya Chan, 16

This tuition is very homey because the teacher cares about her students and try her best to accomodate to them, whether it is learning style or tuttion timing. I gained better grades and a teacher that became friend from going to this tuition!


Sean Tan, 16

Really good tuition center with a teacher that ensures that you are learning well and will go out of her way to give you extra help if needed.